Marketing & Advertising

Corporate Branding & Identity
Your brand is the face of your company and its identity. In a rapidly globalizing market, an appropriate identity can help you compete successfully with established brands in your industry. red rogue offers comprehensive corporate branding and identity services in a structured and yet creative manner, driven by your core offerings and positioning brief. We help you identify your target audiences and then offer you a range of strategies to form and build an identity that your clients can identify and associate with.

red rogue is geared to create rich, effective, target-driven and result-oriented advertising in different media. Whether you are looking to create advertisements for newspapers, television, public video displays or web sites, red rogue has the skills and experience needed to deliver high-quality advertising content that meets your specific needs.

Specialist Advertising (Property Videos)
red rogue's highly skilled production teams are able to provide exceptional services to our clients in the creation of highly professional videos. Property videos are essential in marketing properties to prospective clients, attracting prospective sellers to use your services and in achieving target sales prices effectively and quickly.

Our creative and production teams excel at generating value adding advertisements and sponsorship elements and have individual track records in doing so for various companies and advertising agency clients. Jointly, they have been involved in the creation and production of:

Over 120 television commercials
Over 300 sponsorship elements

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