Company Profile

red rogue is a full in-house media facility that originally grew out of a joint venture between three companies with a passion for the media industry and the desire to grow a brand of world-wide renown and class.

We are a fast-growing, 21st century marketing enterprise focused on the development of companies through targeted media exposure in the local market, developing unique and proven methodologies to deliver actionable results so that our clients may capitalize on their business opportunities.

With a number of personnel with highly sought after skills and experience in the marketing and advertising industry to call upon, our creative development consistently produces relevant, high impact above and below-the-line communication with none of the self-indulgence that often marks inexperience.

We meet our clients’ needs by operating at multiple levels, acting not only as an advertising agency and media shop, but equally as a consultancy in the field of marketing and sponsorship, to establish a brand presence in the market place that is built on powerful concepts and relevant designs.

We understand the balance that needs to be maintained between current profitability and marketing expense to ensure growth and sustainability, and remain budget sensitive in planning marketing strategies for clients, taking these from the drawing board and into the field.

Our high work ethic, creativity and professionalism linked directly to our clients' objectives, is what gives You, our client, the competitive edge.