red rogue is a full in-house media facility that was formed as a joint venture between three companies with a passion for the media industry and the desire to grow a brand of world-wide renown and class.

Our mission is to leverage a unique joint strategic approach to deliver content across all media within the entertainment and broadcast industries, which is of exceptional quality and value to viewers and customers alikeCollectively, our staff has produced several thousands of hours of television, commercials and sponsorship elements on all platforms, and have managed numerous high profile sponsorships.

We are based in Johannesburg, the economic hub of Africa, and have acquired private office space in close proximity to one of Africa’s largest broadcasters. Our staff is a motivated team of highly-experienced individuals with a track record to match the best in the business. At red rogue we believe in accountability at all times, and our top priority is to ensure the trust of our clients and investors by providing them with a product and service of international standards every time.

From concept, to production, to management, to delivery, red rogue is your one-stop media outlet.

Our joint venture partnership consists of:

  • SkyWright Productions forms part of the SkyWright group of companies and is a dynamic role player in the entertainment industry. SkyWright Productions has concluded strategic partnerships with a number of highly experienced and accomplished business development specialists and producers, leveraging a collective experience of over a hundred years in the film and television industry to execute projects professionally and to a very high standard of quality.
  • Ronin Television ia full in-house production facility which has consistently produced quality product at competitive prices. Since 1999, the company has collectively produced thousands of hours of television, commercials and sponsorship elements on all platforms. Jacques van Schalkwyk, the Managing Director of Ronin Television, is himself is an award-winning producer and director of live Outside Broadcasts including rugby, golf and soccer.
  • Royal Signet Media is a dynamic company focused on the development of media organizations in the local and international markets. Their market development, open innovation and business intelligence expertise empowers clients with a profound insight into the highly competitive media environment - providing the tools necessary to achieve an early market mover advantage and capitalize on business opportunities.

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